About wild blackberry

Audacious, Opulent, and 'Born in the USA'

Wild Blackberry is a high end e-commerce business focused on creating cultured and unique tee designs for cosmopolitan women and men. Our inspiration is found from the world’s distinct cultures and extensive history. More importantly, we specifically focus on creating designs which offers a deep appreciation for the traditions and cultural history of the world’s ancient past.  The end result is our exclusive high end collection of Sophisticated TeesTM.  

What is a Sophisticated Tee?

Well, it is more than a designer tee. It is a high end fashion tee for persons with exclusive preferences for unique and chic clothing.  It is specifically made to wear with the finest attire. It is alluring, elegant, and original. It is not designed according to trends. Our Sophisticated Tees are a classic and are meant to be the centerpiece of your ensemble.  Each artistic design is skillfully applied by hand in the USA.

Wild Blackberry is establishing a standard for high-end, unique graphic tees, by providing chic designs that appeal to varying fashion aesthetics and are actually fashionable.

Your purchase is helping Wild blackberry achieve its goals.

Our goals are as follow:

First, we are promoting the cultural traditions and rich history of disregarded civilizations. Our ancestors have contributed their labor, natural resources, and cultural legacy to us. Their legacy defines our high culture and it has shaped the world’s past, directed our present, and collectively unites our future.

Second, we have a global social cause. At Wild Blackberry, we believe in helping people help themselves. Therefore, we are funding micro loans for neglected world citizens with the sole purpose of alleviating poverty and empowering individuals & their families through entrepreneurship, which will stimulate economic growth. With economic stability, more cultural creativity will ensue.

Wild Blackberry is the one and only home of the Sophisticated TeeTM. By purchasing our artistic tees, you are showing your deep appreciation for our Globally InspiredTM designs. By wearing our Sophisticated Tees, you will captivate many admirers. We have provided ensemble suggestions.  However, feel free to use your chic creativity.