Giving Back with micro loans

How it works

Whether it is a natural disaster or poverty, people all over the world are enduring hardships and having to compromise on the basic necessities of life.  When you purchase a Sophisticated Tee, 50% of net sales fund micro-loans to help small business owners in Asia, Africa, Central and South America.  Micro-loans help underprivileged societies, because it allows people to invest in themselves. In addition, one hundred percent of all lent loan dollars are used with the sole purpose of alleviating poverty and fostering personal empowerment. 

At Wild BlackberryTM, we believe in helping people help themselves. So, we are not providing charitable monies; instead, we are providing an accessible financial option to persons in underdeveloped societies. By having access to credit, it will empower people to change their own lives.

In addition, when we fund a micro-loan, the entrepreneur will eventually repay the loan back. As Wild Blackberry receives loan repayments, the money is returned to Wild Blackberry’s pool of loan funds. We will continue to repeat this process by providing another loan to someone else. As time passes, we will be able to fund an increased number of micro-loans with varying dollar amounts.

In summary, your purchase(s) is an act of generosity to yourself and to others. How is it generous? Well, you are able to look fashionably stunning in our luxurious tees whilst providing an economic credit option to those who have slight opportunities to change their destiny-until now! So, as purchases are made and loans are repaid, the pool of funds increase. A larger pool of funds equates to more loans to more micro-entrepreneurs worldwide.

Let us cultivate change and foster cultural creativity by empowering people to pioneer a new future.